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Bedroom Flooring : Carpet or Hardwood for your Bedroom?

At Georgia Carpet Industries, we offer discount prices on Carpet of many different varieties РResidential Carpet, Commercial Carpet, Carpet Tiles, Hospitality Carpet and even Carpet Pads.  We also carry a wide variety of Hardwood Flooring options Рwe have...

Buying Wood Floors 0

Quick Tips for Buying Wood Floors

Have you been shopping for a wood floor lately? It can be downright overwhelming to the beginning floor shopper. Getting too involved in the technical side of the products can be a headache, so today we will be giving you...

Why Choosing Hardwood Floors is a Great Decision 0

Why Choosing Hardwood Floors is a Great Decision

Solid hardwood flooring is a must have if you are looking for a floor that you can get years of use out of! These floors are so incredibly durable that in many cases they will out live their owners. This...