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Bedroom Flooring : Carpet or Hardwood for your Bedroom?

At Georgia Carpet Industries, we offer discount prices on Carpet of many different varieties – Residential Carpet, Commercial Carpet, Carpet Tiles, Hospitality Carpet and even Carpet Pads.  We also carry a wide variety of Hardwood Flooring options – we have...

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5 Hardwood Floor FAQs Answered!

Typically when someone is asking about hardwood floors they typically have a lot of the same questions to ask. Ranging from installation, to damage and repair, these questions are important for the first timer. Today, we have put together 5...

Bruce Hardwood Flooring Overview 1

Bruce Hardwood Flooring Overview

Bruce hardwood flooring is designed specifically to stand the test of your family’s lifestyle. They literally have the largest selection of colors and design in the entire flooring industry. It boasts virtually carefree finishes and comes with an assurance of...