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The Best Floor for Each Room in your Home!

Finding a floor to match the particular room isn’t really hard, but there are a few things one should be aware of. Just like each room in your home, each type of flooring has a specific function. Finding the right...

Hardwood Floor Tips to Keep it Beautiful! 0

Hardwood Floor Tips to Keep it Beautiful!

Keeping a hardwood floor looking great isn’t really that complicated if you get the basics. Today we will be sharing 4 Tips that will really make your hardwood flooring shine! Hardwood Floor Tips Hardwood Floor Tips: Area Rugs Area rugs...


Celebrate Independence Day with an Area Rug Giveaway!

The 4th is almost here, but it’s never too Early to begin celebrating. Crafting, Cooking, Family and Friends, what could be more exciting? It’s like the Holidays without the bickering because the weather is nice and everyone is feeling great. This...