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Benefits of Mohawk Smartstrand Silk Carpet

A great Carpet is essential to a comfortable and happy home environment. A carpet that helps with block stains and soil makes it even more alluring. With Mohawk Smartstrand Silk Carpet, you can have you cake and eat it too....


8 Advantages of Mohawk Laminate Flooring

You probably have been to someone’s home before and did not realize that they had laminate flooring installed. Often, it is mistaken for real hardwood and tile flooring, and with Mohawk Laminate Flooring this is especially true. Mohawk’s enhanced photo...

Mohawk Laminate Flooring, What’s Trending and Why? 0

Mohawk Laminate Flooring, What’s Trending and Why?

Possibly one of the most advanced floors in the industry, Mohawk Laminate Flooring is chalked full of cutting edge technology while remaining a budget friendly and economical solution to improving your home. While it is a created product, you should...