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Solid Hardwood Floor DIY Pre Installation Prep

Most of us have heard the many discussions of when to choose engineered or solid hardwood floor covering options. There can be many factors involved, but once you have made your decision you must begin to learn the details of...

Hardwood Floor Tips to Keep it Beautiful! 0

Hardwood Floor Tips to Keep it Beautiful!

Keeping a hardwood floor looking great isn’t really that complicated if you get the basics. Today we will be sharing 4 Tips that will really make your hardwood flooring shine! Hardwood Floor Tips Hardwood Floor Tips: Area Rugs Area rugs...


DIY Hardwood Installation Checklist for Beginners

         Get your DIY hardwood installation checklist right here. Everyone loves a beautiful hardwood floor covering. Even if you have vinyl or laminate that imitates the grain and color of actual hardwood, you are still trying to...