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5 Ways Carpet Does Flooring Better! 2

5 Ways Carpet Does Flooring Better!

Have you ever thought of where carpeting came from and what it was created for? Long ago it was used as protection from the cold and even represented a certain status level. It could also mean that you were a...

Bamboo Flooring Benefits 0

Bamboo Flooring Benefits

Choosing a green floor options is always a plus, that’s why today we will be discussing the benefits of bamboo flooring. Boasting hardwood properties, this grass flooring is incredibly sturdy and quite beautiful to look at. Bamboo Flooring Benefits 1....


Upgrading your Pre-Existing Floors

When looking for new properties, we are always tempted to find fixer uppers. This saves us a ton of money and is a great investment for families just starting. If you have the time, a fixer upper can become your...