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Solid Wood Flooring Benefits 0

Solid Wood Flooring Benefits

Solid wood flooring refers to hardwood flooring made from one solid piece of lumber. Solid wood is available in a variety of sizes and species ranging from pine to Brazilian cherry. Solid wood flooring is a great product. It can...

Engineered Wood Flooring Benefits 0

Engineered Wood Flooring Benefits

Engineered Wood Flooring is made up of multiple layers of solid wood in a cross-ply construction. Engineered wood is real wood, but instead of one solid piece of wood, it is made up of three to ten thick layers of...

How To Clean Hardwood Floors 0

How to clean hardwood floors

How to clean hardwood floors How to clean hardwood floors. Your hardwood flooring is installed and your house finally feels like a home. But how do you care for your new investment? We will explain in detail below. Sweep (regularly)...