Author: Ryan Vaughn

Carpet Tiles are the Perfect Nursery Floor 0

Carpet Tiles are the Perfect Nursery Floor

If you have a new addition coming soon, then you are probably beginning to think about a nursery room design. This can be either a super fun process or a crazy hot mess. One thing is for certain though, choosing...

Hardwood Floor Faqs 0

5 Hardwood Floor FAQs Answered!

Typically when someone is asking about hardwood floors they typically have a lot of the same questions to ask. Ranging from installation, to damage and repair, these questions are important for the first timer. Today, we have put together 5...


Deciding between Hardwood and Laminate Floors

The age old question, well in the last 15 years at least, is whether to choose hardwood or laminate floors for your home. Both seem viable options, however they are completely different types of flooring. Today, we will look deeper...