Author: Ryan Vaughn

Shaw Anso Nylon Fiber – 5 Point Overview 1

Shaw Anso Nylon Fiber – 5 Point Overview

Anso nylon fiber by Shaw is a well rounded, highly durable fiber that is tough on spills and stains, while remaining environmentally conscious. Shaw being a power house in the carpet industry and a trusted brand of consumers for over...


Bliss Indulgence Carpet: Soft and Strong

Bliss carpet has found the perfect synergy between comfort and durability with its Indulgence collection. Usually you don’t equate a carpet that is known for¬†its protection quality¬†with something soft. You think hard rough fibers with virtually no comfortable qualities, but...


The Right Time to Refinish Hardwood Flooring

Even though we may want to refinish our hardwood flooring whenever we see a scratch, it is not so wise to do it as a scheduled maintenance. Many believe that hardwood floors have a set amount of years before it’s...