Author: Ryan Vaughn


Why Does Hardwood Flooring Seem Expensive?

Hardwood flooring can be very expensive, so let us do a little research on the reasoning behind the expense of hardwood flooring prices. This whole process begins with a natural tree, which is then cut into logs, followed by being cut into...

Bruce Hardwood Flooring Overview 1

Bruce Hardwood Flooring Overview

Bruce hardwood flooring is designed specifically to stand the test of your family’s lifestyle. They literally have the largest selection of colors and design in the entire flooring industry. It boasts virtually carefree finishes and comes with an assurance of...

4 Flooring Types For Homes with Kids 0

4 Flooring Types For Homes with Kids

There are many kinds of flooring options that you can choose from to go in your home, but how many of them work with kids? Flooring is not the same as it once was when it comes to durability and...