Carpet Care Tips for Pet Owners

Carpet Care Tips for Pet Owners

Owning a pet comes with its opportunities!

Owning a pet comes with its opportunities. It may be your best friend, it may make you the happiest person in the world, but accidents happen even though you trained it from day one.  The most difficult thing in most cases is keeping your floor cleaning in check.  You can deal with carpet cleaning anyway, since nothing can replace Poochy or Mr. Whiskers after all.

The problem that comes with each furry friend we take home is the hair that gets stuck in our carpets.  One way of dealing with it is vacuuming. This could quickly become a real drag however, so you will need to do it often enough.

Carpet Care Tips for Pet Owners

Before you grab your vacuum cleaner try to take care of the large clumps and do get a lint roller, which will be necessary for clothes and upholstery cleaning.  Make it a habit of cleaning with the vacuum after each cleaning session and deal with vacuuming at least twice a week. You can contact cleaning services to help you if you have your hands full and you’re not certain how to go about it.

Carpet Care Tips for Pet Owners

Pet accidents
As we said – is not important that your pet is trained well to avoid accident. The major issue is how to deal with urine and the solids on your carpet while you’re still housebreaking puppies and dealing with stubborn cats. The answer is you need to do this immediately.
Once your pet makes the mistake of treating your indoor areas as the outdoors, you must be very fast to handle it. Pick up enzyme treatments from your local pet store – they will help you solve the problem without lasting harm. If there are solids pick them up carefully so as not to squash or rub it into your rug by accident. Use a putty knife and scoop the solid into a dustpan. After you’re done dealing with carpet cleaning keep your pet away from the area for a while to avoid further damage.


There are some home remedies like vinegar and baking soda that will mask the smell for a short time. To get rid of the odor forever you may call professional carpet cleaners for help, especially if the problem is old. If you choose to deal with the problem alone – before using any enzyme treatments use extracting carpet cleaner forcing clean water into the rug and then extract it back out. You can also use powdered or liquid odor eliminators that will also help you with the smell. To cover larger areas you can apply liquid odor eliminator with a tank sprayer.

Your house cleaning is significant way to keep your family’s health and the health of your pets in good condition. Bacteria will thrive in your home if you don’t cope with the problem in time. Deal with it in time and quickly so as not to make the damages permanent.

Needless to say, there are Pet-Friendly floors available.

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