5 Things You Should Never Do to a Wood Floor

Wood floors are simply brilliant, aren’t they? They look so great in a clean room and they get heated very fast, so you don’t even have to worry about your feet suffering during the cold winter days. Not to mention that you skip all the hassle that comes with carpet cleaning! It all comes at a cost, of course. Wood floors also need to be properly maintained so that you can keep them looking perfect and wholesome. And there are some mistakes that people make during house cleaning after installing wooden floors and later find very costly. Here are some things you should never do to a wood floor:

1. Using abrasive cleaning products

Yes, people always get tempted to use that all-purpose baking soda when cleaning a stain on the hardwood floor. But you should totally avoid doing that if you like the state of the floor as it is. Abrasive products mean scratches. Not all of them dissipate before doing their job, and scrubbing the floor with something that doesn’t immediately soften leaves very nasty marks which will ruin the aesthetic of your floor.

2. Using aggressive cleaning tools

No, not tools that attack the floor… at least not literally. But if you use a stiff-bristled brush on the floor, you can be sure that the effect would be the same as using products like baking soda. Hard brushes and vacuum cleaners without the proper attachment can do a lot of damage to the smoothness of the floor, so always be sure you are using something your coating can handle, otherwise prepare yourself for more coating.

3. Forgetting about moisture

This is one of the wood floor owner’s worst nightmares. Moisture in combination with wood is a real disaster for your floors. And forget about mould or mildew – moist wood floors virtually bend and misshape under your feet. Moist planks will bloat or disfigure, so always make sure you dry the floors up after house cleaning and especially if you are using a steam cleaner. You will want to avoid moist floors at any cost.

4. Wearing shoes indoors

Yes, it is important to take the shoes before you come in. This will both help towards keeping the house clean, and it will keep damage away from floors. High heels, for instance, can be quite damaging even despite the rubber end – it’s basically a chisel for the structure of the floor. Also, wearing shoes inside after coming in during a rainy day will also build dirt and moisture.

5. Not going after your pets

Another thing to think about is pets. Cats, for instance, have the habit of protracting their claws when stretching, and playful dogs will claw at floors when trying to make sharp turns. While not the most damaging thing to floors, pet can leave their mark on your wood floors. You should be ready with an option for coating or strategically placed rugs if you keep pets.

In summary, you can deduce for yourself that wood floors bring amazing aesthetics to the house, but they do require attention. While you will save time on things like carpet and rug cleaning, you still want to make sure that the wood floor is taken care of and kept as flawless as possible.

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