Questions to ask your Carpet Installer before Hiring

Lately, is seems like everyone with a carpet staple gun thinks they can be a professional carpet installation room1installer. Don’t believe it! Even if he’s got a business card it doesn’t make him professional carpet installer. To develop the skills for professional carpet installation it takes years of practice.  If you are a pro, you have perfected skills such as minimizing and hiding seams, and using specialized tools. Get it done correctly the first time by hiring a professional installer. Ask us for whom we would recommend.

Before you even hire an installer check references online, read reviews and look at the price range for several installers. Once you pick an installer you believe to be suitable, ask how much he charges. The next step would be to carpet installation room2make sure he comes out to your house and measures the area that will be floored so that you will be sure to order the correct amount.  Also, do your best to be home when the carpet arrives so you can inspect it and be sure you have received the carpet you have ordered. One last rule of thumb, do not pay the installer in full, until the project is done to your satisfaction.

So here are the questions to ask your carpet installer…

Question 1: Where will my seams be placed?
The carpet you choose, as lovely as it is, probably doesn’t come in a roll wide enough to fit your entire room. It’s going to need to be cut and seamed together. Plan ahead and work with your installer to create a seaming diagram that carefully plots out the seams and transitions before any cuts are made. This way it will be easily possible to place seams where no one will notice them.

Question 2: What trim will work best with my flooring?
In most cases, existing baseboards and molding have to be removed prior to carpet installation. Do you want to keep what you have or go with something new? Be sure to discuss this with your installer, who may charge extra for removal and installation, plus this may require patching and painting for your walls.

Question 3: Will my Subfloor be suitable?
Beneath your existing carpet or flooring lies a subfloor, the foundation of your home. carpet installation room3Determine what it is, wood or concrete? Is it lever and in good shape? Your subfloor may need preparation prior to the installation of your new carpet. If your subfloor will need repairing, definitely go pro. You don’t want to have to tear up your new carpet to fix an amateur’s error.

Question 4: Will my doors have enough space at the bottom to accommodate my carpeting?
Interior doors often have space at the bottom to accommodate for carpet. If yours do, then you’re in the clear, if not you may need a qualified carpenter to cut or shave the bottom of each door affected, check with your installer about their door policy to see if they are qualified for this or not.

Now that you have all the facts on carpet installation, buy your carpet now at your number one source for all your flooring needs!

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