Kid Friendly Flooring Options

A lot of factors have to be taken into consideration when choosing what flooring to install in your kids’ room. Appearance, durability and simple maintenance and cleaning are just several of the most important features you should go after. Here is a list of the top notch Kid Friendly Flooring Options:

1)      Carpeting

Carpets have many advantages over the other types of flooring and can really contribute to a kids’ room interior. Their endless variety of shapes, patterns and colors makes them easy to incorporate into the design idea. Your child’s contact with the cold or hard floor can be avoided by using a soft and fluffy carpet. Carpets are also an inexpensive option which will allow you to easily change the style of the room without overhauling it. Furthermore, varieties like carpet squares allow parents to play with patterns and make carpet cleaning even easier. In case of a very stubborn stain (which is absolutely possible in kids’ rooms) you will be able to replace just the affected square, instead of trying to find the best way to clean it. Depending on your budget and the expected food traffic, you can select between differently priced categories which makes carpets a wonderful option for any family. High quality and more durable carpeting will of course cost more, but if you buy a cheaper version, you will be able to replace it whenever you decide that the kid’s room needs some refurbishment. Regular and proper cleaning is absolutely all you will have to do to keep the kids’ room carpet in perfect condition.

2)      Hardwood flooring

The bamboo and eucalyptus varieties of hardwood floors are especially adequate for children’s rooms as they are charming, durable and sustainable. Hardwoods may need replacement less often than carpets, but they require other type of efforts to be maintained hygienic and clean. While carpet gives a soft, pleasant feel to bare feet regardless of the season, hardwood floors can be a little cold and uncomfortable during the cold months unless covered with rugs. Hardwood floors, however, are said to improve the quality of the air in a room, so kids with respiratory diseases can benefit from this option. The prices of the hardwood are not so widely affordable, but there are some cheaper alternatives available on the market as well.

Laminate floors look like hardwood ones and are also durable, but people who chose this option spend considerably less money, time and elbow grease to keep the children’s room floor clean and good looking.

3)      Concrete or Tile Flooring

People rarely consider tiles or concrete for the floor of their kids’ rooms, but the endurance of these materials is extremely high. Both tiles and concrete can be painted whatever color people want, so they can truly complement the decoration of the children’s room. Tiles, however, can but may not need to be painted as they are available in a wide range of colors, size and materials. If the durability of these options pleases you, but you are concerned about the surface being too hard for your kids’ room, you can always incorporate some warming and sound absorbing accents like rugs or cushions.

4)     Luxury Vinyl Flooring (lvp)

LVP is by far the most expansive and useful flooring for kids.  Luxury vinyl is almost entirely scratch-proof and defintely waterproof.  What could be more kid friendly.  Since its very durable and resistant to scratches, children can play at will on the flooring without regret of consequences.  Kids will be kids, so spills are going to happen.  But, when it does, you will be less worried about it on vinyl.  Clean it up later!  Vinyl has been in households for years, acting as a cheaper alternative to wood.  Luxury vinyl now comes in a plank, with various colors, and beautiful designs that make your floor look realistic.

Whichever option you decide to choose for the floor of your children’s room, you should know that wear and tear is inevitable. Spills, dropping toys, foot traffic, etc. will undoubtedly give you reasons to clean or even replace the flooring in your little angel’s place. So, just accept this fact and select the materials and shades which will please not only you, but your kids, too. After all, it will be their room, not yours, right?

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