Design Trends 2018: Natural Flooring Looks

The buzz this year on design trends can be greatly summed up in one term, Biophilia. Which in the world of design means, looks created to emphasize natural colors and textures. This can encompass a lot of things but some of the key elements of this type of look are earth tones, blonde wood looks, raw stone, and natural lighting. The ability for a room to appeal to our more basic instincts can make us feel at home in a different sense, one akin to that which one feels when swimming under a waterfall or sitting on top of a mountain. The connection to nature in our homes is going to be a big trend this year and it starts with one color, Sage.


Natural wood floors with a sage and creme color scheme bathed in natural light make this kitchen feel natural and welcoming.

Sage is the color of 2018 design, because it is the natural neutral. Whites, beiges, creams, and grays will all take a backseat this year as sage greens will become more prominent with their ability to incorporate the most natural of all colors within our home decor so easily. When you think green you think Money, Trees, or even the Hulk, but sage greens are more toned down and can slip their way into a setting, adding a beautiful depth of color and subtle contrast. This is a color that can look beautiful in any part of a room or home. Whether on the walls, ceilings, furniture, or textiles, this color is muted enough to be able to fit into most any look while never seeming dull.


Earth tones and lightly stained wood combined with an open design gives this living room’s little reading nook a comfortable yet peaceful vibe.

With the design trends headed in the direction of a more organic or natural aesthetic, we are starting to see more and more of a return to natural wood looks. Lighter stains and more raw lumber looks are becoming popular once again, and White Oak is the most popular wood on the market at this time. This is due to White Oak having so much personality and being filled with natural patterns created by growth rings and knots in the wood. These types of wood looks are not only dominating the hardwood market but all of hard surfaces including laminate and vinyl as well. If you are planning on some remodeling this year, then lookout for these natural looks and let a little bit of the spirit of the great outdoors into your indoors.

Feeling inspired? Click to check out some natural flooring looks.

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