Selecting a Carpet Can be a Difficult Choice

Selecting a carpet for your home isn’t always an easy task. Nothing compares to the feeling of luxurious soft carpet under your feet when you come back after a long day of work. Of course, carpets require more maintenance than other flooring types; however they can’t really be substituted in terms of insulation, warmth, and overall comfort.

On which other floor type would you be able to sit down on a rainy Sunday afternoon and feel the warmth and soft cushion of a carpet while watching a nice movie with your family?  We don´t think there could be any other option rather than using a chair or actually redesigning your whole interior with furniture.

With the many carpet types that are available in the market it can become really confusing to choose the perfect design and carpet type for your home.

This post covers several subjects including:

  • The different carpet types
  • How to choose the best carpet
  • How to measure a room for carpet
  • How to install a carpet
  • How to clean a carpet
  • How to spot fix a carpet
  • Tips on carpet safety


    1. Different types of carpets

Going to a carpet store is like going to the candy store! Crazy! There are many options which you can choose from! There are endless possibilities, over millions of square feet available for you to choose from.

Loop Pile Carpets

This type of carpet is highly popular for homeowners, they are either made from a flat weave, level loop, or multi-level loop pile. They have a somewhat textured appearance & are fantastic if you are aiming for a rustic, authentic style in your home.  By having hard-wearing properties they are fantastic for busy or high traffic areas and will look amazing in hallways, on stairs and on landings.

Jessica's Jewel Loop Pile Carpet

Loop pile carpet or Berber carpet.

Saxony Carpets

Saxony is a synonym for softness. It is often a popular choice for homes as it adds a sense of luxury and provides warmth to your room. Due to its deep pile construction, it makes Saxony a carpet that is a bit more difficult to clean than other carpet types […] but it makes up for in comfort and softness.

Saxony Plush Carpet

Beautiful saxony plush carpet.

Twist Carpets

This is a cut pile carpet made from twisted fibers and is one of the most popular types of carpet. They often appear course and textured allowing them to create the perfect and authentic rustic finish to the home. You will able to find them in two different styles; plain and heathered. Which style do you prefer? This will depend on where you will be placing the carpet, Heathered type is more suitable for high traffic areas.

Front Runner Tweed Coat Carpet

Front Runner Tweed Coat Carpet

Patterned Carpets

Patterned carpets are traditionally durable and great at maintaining its stunning appearance! You will find a patterned carpet usually has a velvet finish which adds a sophisticated elegance to any type of room. Patterned carpets are perfect for any high traffic areas like the hallway and stairs.  

Stanton Lake Zebra Print Carpet

Stanton Lake Zebra Print Carpet

2. Which carpet should I choose?

It is essential and rather critical that you choose a carpet that not only complements your home’s interior design but also your lifestyle. In order to make the best decision we need to discuss the different carpet properties and characteristics which you are going to find while researching which is the best fit.

The different Piles of Carpet

In order to define what the best carpet is for your purpose or your actual home it is important to understand what the “pile of a carpet” is.

The pile of a carpet is simply the thickness of the fibers used to create the weave of the carpet. Along with the thickness, the length of the fiber also determines the pile of a carpet.

The pile will make a difference to both the production and the price of the carpet.

The durability of carpet

The durability of the carpet is the other subject which we need to discuss. The best carpet to be used in high traffic or busy areas is a patterned, loop pile carpet. Loop carpets are particularly durable and popular in busy rooms, while patterned designs help to disguise damage or stains and make the carpet even more durable.

Different Textures of carpets

The texture chosen by you should reflect your lifestyle. Some of the textured carpets require more maintenance than others to make sure you take this into consideration when making your choice.

Best areas to have carpet in your home

Carpets should always be placed in areas where warmth is needed. The most popular rooms are bedrooms, living rooms and hallways. Alternative flooring options such as vinyl or ceramic are typically preferred in wetter rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom – spillages and stains are more likely to occur in these areas. Nevertheless there are some special carpets available for those rooms.

Atelier Giverny Stanton Residential Carpet

Atelier Giverny Stanton Residential Carpet

The Best Carpet for Pets

Do you have pets or children in your house quit often?  Well here is the best option for you, carpets that have been treated with stain resistant and odor blocking technologies work best in homes where pets and children live. They are exceptionally durable and are more resilient to stains and muddy paw-prints.

The Best Carpet for Pets

The Best Carpet for Pets


3. Carpet Measurement – How to measure a room for a carpet?

Measuring a room for a carpet you are going to buy is probably one of the most important tasks/parts in the process when buying a carpet. It can become a big disaster to buy a carpet and it not to fit.  It will not have a nice professional look and your investment will not be as efficient as it could have been.

The best way to measure any room for a new carpet is to measure the room’s widest points. Multiply the length by the width to get the total amount of square meters / foot needed. If your room is not in a regular shape, you should ensure that you measure the size of any indentations (for fireplaces, alcoves etc.) and add these to your total. Most carpet is made in 12 foot widths; you will need to base your measurements accordingly.

Removing an old carpet

The best strategy / tactic to do this is to rip the carpet up, normally easiest to start in a corner near a wall. Then divide the carpet into smaller sections and roll it up. Be sure to remove the padding underneath too. You may need a hammer and a chisel for this

Clean a floor before laying a carpet

It is recommended that the floor is clean before the new carpet is fitted. So make sure you vacuum and clean the floor thoroughly. If your underfloor is wooden then you should also ensure any areas that are not leveled off are sanded down.

4. How to install a carpet?

While it is recommended that you research a professional carpet installation service to do the job you may also decide to install your own. If that’s the case then make sure you have a good plan before your start with the process. Keep reading!

In order to fit a carpet you must ensure that there is an excellent underlay for additional comfort. Next step is to place the carpet on top, ensuring it overflows the room by 4 to 6 inches at each side so that can cut it to size and ensure it fits property.

The place where two pieces of carpet join [..] overlap them and cut down the middle ensuring they measure up exactly. Use a stretcher to pull the across the floor and ensue it slides smoothly over all tackless strips.

5. How do you clean a carpet?

Making a carpet look great requires proper maintenance and that means choosing the correct cleaning products. Products that are best suited to your carpet type. Different carpets require different levels of care and maintenance so always check the guidelines before purchasing it.

As a general aspect, most carpets require regular vacuuming as well as cleaning with carpet shampoo or a powdered cleaner. Cleaning your carpet can prolong its life and maintain quality as well as reduce germs & bacteria in your home.

6. How can you spot fix a carpet?

A carpet suffering damage is a delicate matter. You might be able to repair it instead of replacing it though. Sometimes you might be unable to clean the damaged area, and then you may be able to cut out the area with a knife and use it as a template for trying to obtain the same design. Again, it is not a perfect solution but it is still a good practice rather than having to replace the whole carpet itself.

7. Carpet Safety Advice

There are carpet cleaning materials that should be used with extreme care if you have children or pets in your home. Make sure you read the labels before using them.

The other topic you should be taking into account is the ´flammability´ of carpets. All carpets are fire retardant and have undergone numerous safety checks but the materials can still be flammable. Do not allow your carpets to suffer prolonged exposure to open flame or excessive heat.

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