Rigid Flooring and the New Era of LVT

Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring or LVT flooring has been the fastest growing type flooring in the past decade, but it has always had its weaknesses, namely its resilience. There is a new contender entering the arena these days though, a new evolution of LVT technology that looks like it will soon be the number one choice of consumers looking for flooring that has both beauty and durability.

Shaw Floorte WPC Rigid LVT Flooring

Shaw FloorteWaterproof flooring (pictured above) is one of these new emerging products in the multi-layered flooring or rigid core flooring market.

This new type of flooring is known throughout the industry as MLF (multi-layered flooring) and is becoming known by the many different names that manufacturers are giving it. Whether it is being called Rigid Flooring, Wood Plastic Composite, Enhance LVT, or Rigid LVT, it is all the same concept; a luxury vinyl flooring product with a rigid core core that increases its durability exponentially and causes the flooring to be more stable and thus able to be installed on top of imperfect sub-floors. The durability of these types of flooring coming out are important to the consumer because now they are going show much less susceptible to dents and scratches, meaning that they are ideal for high traffic zones in your home. Their resilience to moisture and environmental damage is much greater than standard LVT products as well.

Armstrong Pryzm WPC Rigid LVT Flooring

Armstrong Pryzm (pictured above) is another excellent choice in rigid core luxury vinyl flooring products.

Many of these Rigid Flooring or multilayered products are built to be waterproof instead of just water resistant like their more basic LVT counterparts and in most cases they need no acclimation time at all before being installed. All major manufacturers are now putting our quality flooring in this emerging market, so keep an eye out for products such as Luxe and Pryzm by Armstrong, Korlok by Karndean, Solidtech by Mohawk, Floorte by Shaw and COREtec Plus by US Floors.These are just a small sample of the wave of MLF products coming out right now, and as the market continues to grow, so will the quality. This is a type of product that is seeking to improve upon the current LVT technology and due to that there is a lot of competition in the industry right now to achieve further innovation and when manufacturers compete, consumers win.


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