3 Ingenious Ways You Can Use Your Carpet To Boost Your Home Security

Carpets have always been the unsung heroes of homes. The presence of a carpet in any room can be the difference between a passable room and a beautiful, elegant one. Even though carpets are best known (and more commonly used) for adding an extra level of comfort and style to any living space, they do have some added security benefits that homeowners seldom take advantage of.

If you are a homeowner who is looking to invest in an amazing carpet that puts the finishing accents to your living room, bedroom or home office, make sure that you do not overlook the added layer of safety that a carpet can give you. Here’s how:

1. Conceal Valuables

Having a carpet presents homeowners with additional hiding places they can use. Carpets give you a wide area that allows you to protect your safe and/or conceal small high-value items. For instance, homeowners can hide their spare keys, emergency cash stash or documents under a carpet. This can either be done with a rug or a carpet. Rugs are easily moved around the home and can be put in different locations, which gives you a plethora of mobile hiding spots. Carpets are normally tacked down into the ground, which will, in turn, give you a much more permanent hiding spot. As a homeowner, you want to choose a hiding place that is as inconspicuous as possible. For this reason, it is important to make sure that whatever you hide under your carpet is not protruding or visible in any way. It is important that whatever you conceal beneath your carpet is directly proportional to the length and width of the carpet. This reduces the chance of anyone stumbling upon your hidden items by walking over the carpet or simply by paying close attention to it.

2. Pressure Pads

Having a carpet within the home also allows homeowners to make use of additional security sensors. Security sensors work by detecting the change in a controlled environment, which triggers an alarm or a notification of some sort. Homeowners will be able to make use of pressure pads in conjunction with their carpets, to effectively increase their home security. Pressure pads are a type of security sensor that function by detecting a change in weight/force exerted upon them. These security sensors are normally placed in locations where someone will most likely step on them. This comes in handy for homeowners who want an additional layer of security in place to notify them when burglars and criminals come knocking. These pressure pads can be concealed under carpets and it will be nearly impossible for a burglar to know its there, unless they have some first-hand knowledge of the components of your home. In that case you should be worried, because a carpet and a pressure pad are the least of your problems.

3. Injury Prevention

Carpet Kids

Many homeowners think of home security in a linear fashion. They believe that having a robust security merely means that you are able to keep burglars and criminals out, and that is the end of it. However, home security encompasses much more than that. A good home security system or home security plan is meant to keep both you, and the members of your household, safe. Staying safe in the home means making sure that nothing dangerous happens to you. And sometimes, the danger can be presented from within. Having a carpet within your home reduces the chances of slipping, falling, and inflicting personal injury. This is because there is more friction experienced when moving across a carpet in comparison to moving across tiled floors, wooden floors, etc. Also, in the instance that someone does slip, carpets provide extra padding, which helps to prevent any serious injury.


There is no doubt that a carpet adds a great deal to any living space it is placed in. However, as has been stated above, your carpet can be used to effectively enhance the state of your home security. Hopefully the measures listed above help homeowners get much more out of their carpets.

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