How to Fix Carpet Dents

A combination of great looking furniture and the perfect carpeting to go with it can be a wonderful addition to any home. Not moving furniture for extended periods of time, however, can cause dents on the carpets it was placed on if they were large and heavy enough, which in turn makes them a bit of a problem if you want to make some changes. Assuming you will want to get rid of these carpet dents, you will need some help to make it work. Let’s get started with some tips to cover that:

Carpet dent


  • Begin by moving your furniture entirely out of the way so you can uncover the dents in question. It would be best if you move it completely off the carpet to prevent the creation of new dents for obvious reasons.
Ice cubes on carpet dents


  • All you need after that are some ice cubes from your fridge. Using them will allow you to counteract the forming of the carpet dents. You won’t have to worry about carpet cleaning after you are done with them since they are nothing but water. Just drop one ice cube on each of your dents or more for the longer ones and allow them to melt away entirely.
  • Allow the ice cubes to stay overnight and let them work their magic, and then check up on what happened. You will be surprised to find out that the dents will have almost completely recovered and the carpet fibers will be back in their upright positions. If that is not the case, then you will need to work on lifting the carpet fibers with a fork for the more sensitive carpeting types.
  • Assuming your carpets have persistent dents, you will need to repeat these steps to ensure they return to normal.
Steam cleaning machine carpet


  • You can also work on removing the dents by using a steam cleaning machine for a more mechanical solution that would also be faster than usual. Using it will ensure you have no issues at all when it comes to fixing dents on your carpet or getting rid of stubborn carpet stains.


  • Ironing also works in some cases, but you will need to be extra careful while you do that, since not all carpets are made of natural fibers and thus may be in danger of scorch marks and worse –turning into a fire hazard. Use a damp towel in all cases and your iron, putting up a buffer between the affected area and slowly ironing over it. Leave it on for a few minutes and the indentations will be gone when you come back. Whatever you do, you should never leave the iron unattended or you risk ruining your carpeting in a really bad way.
Iron towell fix carpet dents


  • In many cases the dents on a carpet may also stain them, thus making it necessary to work on carpet cleaning as well, either alone or through the use of professional carpet cleaners. Make sure you cover that and you will have solid overall results.

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