How to Do Area Rug Cleaning at Home

From professional cleaning with professional machines to a quick wiping of dust and dirt with homemade detergents – there are plenty of ways for dealing with the dirty area rugs. Check them out!

One, spot cleaning is the easiest way to get rid of the small stains. The area rugs are small and are easy for a complete removal, turning and soaking entirely in detergent, but only when it`s worth it. Sometimes, it is much more convenient to mix a quick homemade detergent for light stains and clean only the stains. This method is recommended if your area rugs have only a couple of small blemishes. The effect will be better if they`re light and easier for cleaning, and especially when you clean as soon as you spot them.

Two, make yourself some homemade detergents – light and stronger, respectively for light and more persistent stains. There is a perfect homemade detergent for every kind of stain and to pick up the best one is not that difficult. The best thing is that the natural fibers of some rugs will not be damaged when treated with such a domestic detergent if you use only non-toxic ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen. Carpets and rugs with longer fibers require a more foamy detergent that can penetrate through the base of the fibers – for example, hot water with dish detergent, powder laundry detergent and shampoo. The carpets with short fibers can be treated with just very hot soapy water or water with dish detergent. The hotter the water, the greater the degreasing power. That`s why if you worry about losing texture or color of the fibers due to the numerous chemical compounds in the detergent – just mix more water, but make it very hot. It can dissolve the most common stains such as kitchen grease, margarine, gravy, tomato sauce and other greasy stains. Note that the hot water should be applied only onto carpets and rugs with fibers. For domestic cleaning of leather area rugs – you will need another simple homemade detergent – cool water with white vinegar and a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol. Instead of vinegar, you can add the juice of a lemon to enhance the aroma.

Three, use a rental machine to get flawless professional results even without calling a professional cleaning crew. There is nothing to beat the cleansing power of these professional machines as they could be very convenient for area rugs and carpets depending on the frequency of cleaning. If you do it once a year or even more occasionally – then it`s definitely worth it to use a rental cleaning machine even when it comes to the smallest rugs and carpets. Some of them may have truly persistent stains and a need for the sanitizing power of the machines, especially if there are pets in the particular household. For instance, let`s take a steam cleaning machine – the steam can exceed 120 degrees Celsius to eliminate all bacteria and microorganisms with just a couple of passes. The hot-water cleaning machines are another great solution, while if you worry about the conditions of the delicate fibers after the treatment – then rent a machine that cleans via dry foams.

Four, the all-purpose detergent from the store is always high on the agenda, especially if you use it quite frequently for all other objects at home. It can remove almost all of the typical stains that the carpets endure every day. From heavy foot traffic dirt on area rugs in front of the entrance area, to small decorative rugs near the dining area – there are plenty of cases when it is more convenient to use an all-purpose detergent from the store.

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