Tips on Choosing the Best Area Rug for Your Space

Area rugs are practical, comfortable and add up to the cozy, warm feel in a room if placed over a wooden, concrete or tile floor. These artworks can frame a room’s floor and that is why it is essential to pick the right one to keep the balance in your space. Selecting an area rug with the proper size and shape can clean up the styling of each of your home’s rooms. Here are some expert tips that will help you choose the most suitable rugs for your space:

  • Never use too small rugs for the space they will serve. In case your living room is large, put two different rugs to make a clean boundary between the different living areas. Make sure one of them is covered by at least the front legs of your sofa and chairs and put the other in front of the fireplace.
  • For the dining room, both interior designers and cleaning experts suggest choosing a bigger rug that imitates the shape of the table. This way you will be able to center your furniture over the carpet and avoid the efforts to clean stains from your floor. Similar clean lines will maintain balance in the room. Nevertheless, a round-shaped rug in a square space is sometimes what your room needs in order to acquire a softer ambience.
  • The best area rug for your home office will be fully covering the floor beneath your desk and chair. It will create a warm and comfortable space for you to work. This choice will be even more practical as you will neither stumble, nor drag the chair over the edges of the carpet. A soft area rug in natural colors will clearly define the space of your home office, especially if you place all the furniture and machines that you need within its frame.
  • A gentle fluffy rug alongside your bed will make you feel even more comfortable in your bedroom. Rugs provide that homely feeling and are also great to pull a large space together. Your wide and empty bedroom can be easily filled if you place an area rug in front of your bed and let it reach the center of the free space. The rug will become the focal point in the room, so you will have to keep it clean and fresh all the time.
  • The bathroom is perfect to experiment with area rugs. You can place a rug in any shape there. The neutral colored tiles will allow you to play with different shades, patterns and materials. The clean and even floor will be really refreshed by an inspiring decorative bathroom rug. Bet on a natural theme like marine elements and you will never go wrong.
  • Outdoor areas are also suitable for area rugs, although a lot of homeowners pass them over. Choosing a pattern that corresponds to the overall design idea of your patio is a key element if you wish to draw the attention of your guests and bring the cozy feel to the outside as well. And of course, you should always go for textiles designated for outdoor use.

Carefully selected area rugs can surely bring life even in the dullest spaces. A more modern look can be easily achieved with a new rug, but you have to think about the details. Going too far with bold patterns and unfitting shapes is not for everyone, yet if you are bold enough – try this too. At least you can always lay the rug in some other room where it will fit better, right?

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