Renew the Same Textile Floor Coverings in Your House

Buying new carpets and rugs is easy, but not always the best solution. Instead, you should try first to clean the old carpets so they can start looking like new. Check out the following advices and tips for such an exercise.

First, check out the condition of all the textile floor coverings for dirt and blemishes, as well as possible damages due to wear, indentations from heavy furniture, scratched fibers or areas that are not fluffy. If you know what you have to deal with – it should be easier to choose the right method for dealing with it.

Second, spot clean the carpets and the rugs, which is much easier if they have short fibers. Small area carpets are also easy to clean, because they are light and they can be soaked entirely in a bowl of water. However, it`s recommended to try to clean first only the dirty spots. Use a medium sized bowl with hot water and detergent, then, prepare another bowl only for rinsing the sponge or the towel in clean water. Apply the compound onto the spots, rub for a while and let the solution to soak up deep into the backing of the carpet. If you have to deal with very light and small stains – you can wipe them off right with the first application without the need for waiting. When the solution completely dislodges the dirt, wipe off the excess with the towel and rinse the spot with just clean water. Try to get away as much water as you can from the carpet. Leave the spots to dry naturally on a direct sunlight only for about a dozen minutes, because the powerful direct sunlight can damage the rest of the fibers, which are dry and much more vulnerable.

Third, deep cleaning once a year is the best way to renew the look of your entire house and the carpets make no exception. Professional cleaning is a very important option when you have pets at home and when you need the professional tools and detergents for deodorizing and sanitizing. Not to mention that after a professional carpeting, you can enjoy the clean look of your carpets for a longer time, thanks to the special protective sprays and solutions that the cleaning experts use.

Fourth, the easiest way for a renovation of the floor coverings is simply to turn them on their backings or to rotate them regularly, for example – once a month. This is a very useful method for two-sided carpets and rugs with short fibers. This is also the best method to get rid of some issues like dirt due to the heavily worn areas of the carpets that see the most of the foot traffic. Rotating or flipping a carpet on its backing is the best way to protect the fibers from indentations due to heavy chairs, wardrobes, tables and other furniture. The beautiful backsides of the carpets create a completely renovated atmosphere in the entire room, while the newly exposed side can stay clean for a much longer time before a need for deep cleaning.

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