Epic Hardwood Flooring by Shaw Floors – Beautiful & Durable !


Epic Hardwood Flooring by Shaw Floors is Design Driven!

Shaw’s color and design groups are a pivotal part of the company.  The following designers play a crucial role in Shaw’s leadership in style, color, and design:

  • Epic Hardwood Flooring by Shaw Floors

    Epic Hardwood Flooring by Shaw Floors

    Emily Kiker Morrow. Interior Designer Allied Member ASID.

  • Jason Richard Shaw.  With an extensive background in fine arts and decorative painting, Jason not only designs for Shaw Floors but does commissioned artwork and has paintings and drawings in may private collections across the South.
  • Patrick Pusateri.  Patrick’s skills as  a professional artist and artisan working with meta, wood, and paint bring an extra dimension of creativity to the product design and development at Shaw Floors.
  • Sandi Ownby.  A lifelong lover of art, creative thinking, and music.  Sandi is the Hard Surface Design Manager for Shaw Floors who uses her years of professional interior design experience and constant color and trend research to direct the style and color of Shaw products, with a cherished goal of creating beauty for others to enjoy.

Epic Real Wood Flooring is Made Better with Envirocore!

Epic Hardwood Flooring by Shaw Floors

Epic Hardwood Flooring by Shaw Floors

Epic Hardwood flooring is constructed using premium hardwood veneers over the Envirocore ultra high density foundation resulting in a harder and denser floor.  This offers much greater performance and stability preventing larger dents from impacts!  These floors are then finished using Shaw’s New and Improved Scuff Resits Platinum consisting of Five layers of polyurethane and aluminum oxide resulting in a finish that resists scuffs up to Six Times Better than the competition!

Cradle to Cradle

Epic is also safe for the environment!  Made with Envirocore, Epic hardwood uses 50% less newly harvested wood than conventional engineered flooring!  And Epic is the first Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified Hardwood flooring product and meets all GreenGuard indoor air quality requirements.

Epic is made in the USA, which means faster production and better service – plus more domestic job creation.  Because Shaw also controls all manufacturing steps, they can consistently enforce rigid quality control procedures.


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