New for 2015, pet friendly and stain resistant carpet

New for 2015, pet friendly and stain resistant carpet

New for 2015, pet friendly and stain resistant carpet. Four manufacturers that produce pet friendly carpet are Mohawk, Shaw Floors, Beaulieu of America and Phenix and can be seen in our site Georgia Carpet Industries.

New for 2015, pet friendly and stain resistant carpet

Mohawk SmartStrand Forever Clean

Mohawk has the first carpet made from a bio based material. SmartStrand with Dupont Sorona Polymer fiber is made with a renewable sustainable plant based material called Oeko-Tex and is certified to be free of harmful substance. SmartStrand has a new Nanoloc spill and stain protection built into the fiber that does not wash or wear off and is three times easier to clean. Mohawks pet friendly and stain resistant carpet has 100% Lifetime stain protection warranty.  See more about SmartStrand

New for 2015, pet friendly and stain resistant carpet

LifeGuard By Shaw Floors

Shaw Floors LifeGuard is the first 100% thermoplastic commercial grade backing that provides a moisture barrier against pet urine, spills, and odor. It is made from Nylon fibers that naturally reduce odors and its R2X Stain Protection protects from spills and pet urine. The entire product is manufactured to protect in every way. Shaw Floors is offering a lifetime delamination, edge ravel, tuft bind warranty for their pet and stain resistant carpet. Click here to see styles available and for more information on LifeGuard by Shaw.

Beaulieu of America offers Bliss with MagicFresh carpet treatment which controls odors by breaking down the odor molecules into carbon dioxide and is hard to stain. Bliss also has Silver Release antimicrobial treatment. Both treatments are added during manufacturing so it is built in the fibers of the carpet. Both treatments are all natural and will resist mildew, mold, and bacteria. Bliss is a Stainmaster type 6-6 nylon and is coated with LotusFx fiber shield technology. Bliss has an anti static OmniLoc modular eco friendly carpet backing. The warranty for this carpet is a limited lifetime stain, food, beverage, and pet urine for the life of the carpet. See more about Bliss carpet.

Lastly there is Phenix PetProtect Carpet by Stainmaster. All Stainmaster Carpet is Type 6-6 nylon, a soft and strong carpet fiber that features a unique molecular structure that provides a superior resiliency over other carpet fibers. PetProtect features SuperiaSD commercial grade fiber with built in stain protection. PetProtect carpet is color safe and resists fading. Easily releases pet hair while cleaning or vacuuming. Phenix and Stainmaster offer a Lifetime warranty protection against stains from pet urine, feces, vomit, food, beverage stains, soil and static. See more information about Pet Protect.

New for 2015, pet friendly and stain resistant carpet

Stainmaster Pet Protect

Pet and stain resistant carpet is a new trend in floor covering for 2015 so watch for more manufacturers to produce New for 2015, pet friendly and stain resistant carpet. Additional Pet Friendly carpet styles will be introduced soon by Dixie Home and Stanton Carpet. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for more of these pet friendly and stain resistant carpets.

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