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R2X Stain & Soil Resistance Carpet from Shaw Floors

R2X Stain & Soil Resistance

R2X Stain & Soil Resistance from Shaw

 R2X Stain & Soil Resistance Carpet from Shaw Floors equals total fiber coverage. That means your carpet is protected from top to bottom. R2X Stain & Soil Resistance is the industry’s most innovative carpet stain and soil repelling system and the product of years of research and testing. Shaw’s patented and exclusive R2X Stain & Soil Resistance system goes beyond conventional repellents that only protect the surface of the carpet. With R2X Stain & Soil Resistance, carpets are armed with total fiber coverage, offering complete protection from the top to the bottom of the yarn. This total fiber coverage offers unprecedented protection against household spills and everyday soiling. With R2X, spills that reach the base of the yarn don’t penetrate and wick back to the top as they do with conventional solutions. In testing, R2X demonstrated superior carpet stain resistance on two levels. First, it provides better initial protection. Second, it allows more time to react to a problem. Another significant benefit of R2X is its effectiveness with polyester and polypropylene fibers. Most polyester and polypropylene carpets have an inherent tendency to attract soil. Topical soil carpet treatments are only “skin deep,” and the limited protection they offer wears away after cleaning or normal wear and tear. In contrast, R2X continues to perform well even after repeated cleanings – with nylon, polyester, and polypropylene when the performance of ordinary systems begins to diminish. And of course, Shaw’s warranty protection ensures customer satisfaction, time after time. Come see us today or visit our site to learn more.

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