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best carpet for petsPet-Friendly Flooring

Here at Georgia Carpet Industries, we have a large selection of beautiful Pet Friendly carpets available that come with Lifetime Manufacturer Warranties. We carry some of the best Carpet Styles available that can give you the peace of mind you need when purchasing carpet for the home that you share with your furry companions.

All major carpet manufacturers have lines of stain resistant carpets that are typically made with special Nylon or Polyester Fibers, so we carry plenty of options for pet-friendly carpet.  But before we delve into that, let’s talk a bit more about pets and floor coverings!

It is no secret that Americans love their pets – data shows that “62 percent of American households include at least one pet (“Pets by the Numbers,” Humane Society).

pet friendly floorThis means that well over half of us have a pet (or two, or more!) that live with us.  And needless to say, if those pets live indoors – or just come inside occasionally – they can wreak havoc on our floors!  When you think about the fact that each of our furry friends comes with 4 paws, each complete with a few claws, you might think that it is best to just give up on the idea of having nice-looking flooring in your home.

This is not necessarily true.  At Georgia Carpet Industries we can make you’re flooring pet-friendly!  Experts have plenty of recommendations for keeping your flooring in good shape and maintaining a nice appearance inside your home, even with a dog and a cat or two running all over your floors!  You don’t have to keep your pets outside just for the sake of your flooring.

carpet for my pet

So, regardless of which type of carpet you choose, how can you keep the flooring in your home looking good, while welcoming your furry friends inside?  Here is a suggestion:

So how can you go about choosing the correct materials for your floor coverings while keeping your pets’ needs in mind?  Well, here are some tips:“The key is choosing the right materials and accommodating your animals’ needs,” says Julia, who shares her digs with a dozen rescued dogs and cats.  [She] says an animal-friendly house is more comfortable for humans, too. “If a house doesn’t work with dogs, it won’t work with children or guests, either” (“9 Tips for a Chic, Pet-Friendly Home,”


  •  First choose your type of flooring, whether it is hardwood, laminate, carpet or any other type of flooring is all up to you. If your pet is at the top of your concerns then choose flooring that is going to be stain resistant and comfortable for you pet. Consider your puppies’ paws or your cats’ claws, what would work best for them while also complementing your décor?
  •  Georgia Carpet Industries has a wide variety in these options, if you’re looking for hardwood or laminate, consider your pets claws and the effects they can have, besides the average wear and tear your flood would get this adds a little extra, so you may want to look a little into the future and consider what it would be like to refinish your hardwood or replace laminate, if this is a concern but you’re dead set on wood floors, consider area rugs in high traffic areas. These come in handy around front and back doors, or in the kitchen, wherever the action may be. Area rugs can be helpful considering they can easily be cleaned or changed when needed.
  • Many pet owners look to carpet as their first option for their pets, but they tend to worry about the life time of carpet that has high traffic, but there is no need to worry! We have carpet that will stay resilient for years to come even with the highest of traffic volumes, plus carpet that is stain resistant, easing your mind when the occasional accident occurs. This guarantees you with a carpet that is not only perfect for you, but for your pet too!!

pet friendly carpetThese are just a few tips for choosing a pet-friendly flooring. Join us again soon as we discuss Pet-Friendly Flooring in greater detail! To choose your flooring now visit or for the quick link to our pet-friendly options click here:

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