Tips for Selecting an Animal Print Carpet

Have you checked out the selection of Animal print carpets available?

There are several great patterns to choose from like:

The flooring you choose is an integral ingredient in setting the style of a room: Choose an animal print carpet, like Bagira from the Shalimar collection, for an exotic, sophisticated look.  What’s on your floor—whether it’s a solid color or an elaborate pattern—will create the mood for an entire space.

Most animal prints are made of a fiber that is durable and will resist the signs of wear and tear. Polypropylene is stain resistant, making cleaning much easier. It is even color fast!

The solution-dyed yarn extrusion is Eco-friendly and it protects the colors in your new carpet.

Some animal prints are even made of wool, which is an extremely green product making it the natural choice.

Wool offers numerous advantages when used as flooring.  Stanton uses only the finest wools from around the world, which provide all the benefits that wool has to offer.

animal print carpetWool is biodegradable and a renewable resource. And having this kind of carpet in your home actually helps to purify your air! It is non allergenic and stain resistant.

Animal prints are a perfect choice when you want to create the mood of your room!

To view a selection of animal print carpet – click here!

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