How To Find The Perfect Color Carpet For Your Floors!

How To Find The Perfect Color Carpet

Finding the right color for your floor is usually the most enjoyable part of shopping for carpet.

Today, we have a huge range of colors offered so it is extremely easy for you to find the perfect shade you are wanting for your particular design ideas.

Just how important is your color decision in terms of staining, wear or even your overall health and mood? I’ll give you the answers, and they might just be surprising. Traffic is constantly flowing through your home and dirt and stains will appear on carpet over time.

You can lessen the impact of dirt and stains by simply adjusting the color that you choose. Let’s say you were carpeting your family room. Either extreme of dark or light would not be a good choice. Light colors show every speck of dirt, and with dark carpet lint will show up from the clothing we wear. So for busy rooms the best options would be more mid ranger tones.

  • Light colors for less traffic areas (recommended)
  • Dark colors for less traffic areas (extremely recommended)
  • Medium range colors for high traffic areas (recommended)

choosing your carpet color

Color and Mood

If you want to create a specific mood in your room you may want to take a look at this chart:

Tests have proven that colors can alter your mood from happy to sad and even from energetic to peaceful. Warm colors include red orange and yellow. They induce emotions ranging from feelings of warmth and comfort and even feelings of anger and hostility. Cool colors include blue, purple and green and they evoke calmness.

Take time to study this important aspect of home design to get the best result possible out of your purchase.

Let Us Help! We Know How To Find The Perfect Color Carpet!

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