Congoleum Ultima Vinyl Flooring Review!

congoleum ultima vinyl flooringOur Congoleum Ultima Vinyl Flooring Review!

If you are looking to repair, remodel, or completely redo your flooring . . . Congoleum Ultima Vinyl Flooring is a wonderful option.

You may ask why?  Here are but a few of the reasons.

  • Sixty-Eight beautiful colors and patterns available to choose from!
  • Ultima Vinyl flooring by Congoleum® can be life long, as it does  NOT wear out.
  • It’s impossible Ultima to have any manufacturing defects.  Congoleum® guarantees it with their Five – Star Lifelong Limited Warranty! *
  • Wll not gouge, rip, rear or indent from normal use – for 15 years!
  • Will not stain.  Including stains from tracking in asphalt, rubber-back mats and your common household items  – for 15 years!
  • Also, this vinyl flooring will not permanently scuff from shoe soles, including sneakers – for 15 years!
  • And discoloring?  Not happening with Congoleum Ultima Vinyl flooring!  Not even mold or mildew will discolor this vinyl flooring – for 15 years!

Congoleum Ultima Vinyl FlooringSo if I were you, I would definitely look into Congoleum® Ultima Vinyl as my flooring choice.

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*The Five-Star Limited Warranty covers material for the period of the warranty and reasonable labor costs for years 1 through 15 if professional installation was paid for when the original floor was installed.

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