Flooring Feng Shui 101

Feng Shui FlooringGreetings readers, today we are bringing you an interesting flooring piece that has everything to do with balance and harmony in your home. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of balancing home and environment with the goal of bringing you peace and harmony in your life. Aesthetically speaking, it is quite pleasing to the eye, as common elements of design are implemented in such a way that a room or home usually winds of with a unique feel and style. Feng Shui allows energy to move freely and naturally through your home, which brings us to today’s topic, how to achieve a Feng Shui friendly flooring option.

Flooring Feng Shui 101


Choosing the right type of flooring for your home is never a completely stress free process, but with the mindset of Feng Shui you are better equipped to know what you are looking for when it comes to choosing the right type of flooring for your home. Here are some helpful tips on choosing a flowing floor.

Feng Shui FlooringThe Foundation of the Floor – Many don’t think to consider what type of environment is under your floor, or your home for that matter. Depending on the location, a home is affecting differently by certain energies. Strength and Temperatures are among these factors. Taking the time to inspect your property thoroughly will allow for the proper choice. Determine if you have enough water drainage that would not damage your flooring. Check trees for termite damage. The right survey of the land will bring you a much more sound conclusion to the flooring you will need. Nothing is more unbalancing that the deterioration of an environment, and this includes your flooring.

Flooring in the Home – Through visualization we can see layers of a home. Imagine the floor as a dividing layer of consciousness. Boundaries are important in both the home and real life. A hardwood or stone floor for example, has a clear boundary, separating you from the world below. For people who live in condos, boundaries are even more important to consider, as you do not only have your boundaries to worry about but also your neighbors. Remember every foot step you may take may have an impact on others, this is true for disturbances in energy as well. Make sure your flooring option works for your surrounding habitat.

Feng Shui FlooringSturdy Equals Energy – In many cases we acquire a few dings, holes and cracks in both our lives and our flooring. Like life, if we don’t fix them soon they can really get out of control and this is the same where your flooring is concerned. Holes and cracking in your flooring have a potential to inhibit the flow of energy in your space. Also a clean environment is the ideal energy environment.

Textures and Colors have a Big Effect on Energy – I’m sure that you have experienced walking into a room or store and feeling a complete drain because it seems completely wrong to your. Whether it was incredibly clashing or too drab for your tastes, that is the sign of a room that has its energy completely on lock down. More than likely this will have to do with the positioning of furniture and displays or even colors and textures that are too similar to one another. Where the flooring is concerned it should always represent a clear boundary for the room. This means that it should be of a different texture and color than that of anything in the room in its entirety. This is not to say that┬áknick knacks and chatzkies can’t be matching to your flooring, just that the main items being showcased explore different and defining textures.


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