12 Tips to Winter Storm Preparation

The incredible changes in our weather patterns over the past years have been pretty extreme. Even though the South has seen a few winter storms over the years, they have never been quite this memorable and frequent. As with all dramatic changes in weather, their is a certain amount of preparation that you should undergo to ensure a safe and efficient couple of days in your home. Today we will be giving you 12 tips for Winter Storm Preparation.

12 Tips to Winter Storm Preparation


Winter Storm Preparation1.  Commit entirely to the preparation of your home and take steps to prep the property itself. We often don’t think about the effect these storms can have on the bones of our home. To protect it, make sure that you seal window drafts with the proper repair and items and that your exposed pipes are properly insulated. Not only will this prevent some catastrophic home problems, but it will also cut down on your homes heating bills when the weather is not so crazy.



2.  Glance over your home insurances policies to make sure that you are covered in the event of a winter storm and all of the issues that may come with it. While no insurance is 100% what you need, it is important to make sure that the major issues that can come up will be covered.

3.  Do a once over around the property and look for dead trees or limbs that could be a problem around the home. When it freezes these particular dead plants can easily fall with the extra weight of ice hanging on it. Make sure that all dead trees and limbs have been removed to avoid a loss of power due to limbs falling on lines and property damage it really comes tumbling down. It is better safe than sorry!

4.  Power outages are typically a very normal part of a winter storm. Most areas aren’t equipped to handle a lot of snow and ice, so make sure that you utilize your power before it hits. Charge all cell phones, Laptops and devices that you can to full charges. Preferably as close to the beginning of the storm as possible. This will give you an emergency buffer in case you become stranded or need to report an outage.

5.  Roofs are meant to take a lot of damage however, they are so great with excessive amounts of weight such as snow and ice. Keep a watchful eye if snow begins to accumulate and vacate the premises if you feel it is becoming an issue.

6.  An emergency first aid/winter storm kit is an excellent idea! Research it, create it, and educate everyone in the home on its’ location and uses.

Winter Storm Preparation7.  Weather Reports and what they mean:

  • Winter Storm Watch – This is your preparation checklist marker of the storm. It will likely happen.
  • Winter Storm Warning – The storm is in your neck of the woods and it would help to start following procedures.
  • Blizzard Warning – Blinding snow is a result of Snow and Strong winds dancing together outside. A blizzards real danger is the near-zero visibility when exposed to the elements, do not drive or venture to far from your home!
  • Winter Weather Advisory – The weather will be hazardous and cause significant inconveniences

8.  Check the fuel for heating your home, and refill any propane tanks that need filling.

9.  For those of us that have fireplaces or a wood-burning stove, make sure to have an ample supply of dry wood moved inside before the storm. If it is outside and exposed to the wet and cold weather, it will more than likely have an incredibly hard time staying lit.

10.  DO NOT LEAVE ANIMALS OUTSIDE! Domestic animals are not meant to be in harsh conditions. Many think that animals are all meant to be able to brave it, but this is not the case. Please bring your animals inside or they may suffer serious injuries or death.

11.  If you have to drive, be as cautious as possible. There are many items on the market for winterizing your vehicle. Please research this and if nothing else, go ahead and purchase studded tires or winter chains. These are the most important safety precautions your car can be equipped with.

12.  Make sure after the storm, or during if the need arises, make sure to bang around on your vehicle to scare any animals that may have crawled into your car or under the hood to find warmth during the harsh weather conditions.




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