What can Engineered Wood Flooring Do for You?

Engineered Wood FlooringAny type of hardwood flooring is simply wonderful to have in the home. It is warming, traditional, charming and very easily maintained. Unfortunately not everyone can invest in an expensive floor like solid hardwoods, so this is where the beauty of engineered wood flooring comes in. Today, we will be discussing just what engineered wood floors can do for your home.

Engineered Wood Flooring Explained

Engineered Wood FloorsMany are still confused about engineered wood and its manufacturing process. Simply put, it is real wood that is processed and made into a stronger and more stable material. It is constructed by adhering plies of processed wood together in such away that makes it more durable than a solid piece of hardwood. The top layer of the engineered wood is typically a solid piece of wood as well. This is done so that you do not see or feel a difference between the two. The grain is visually kept in tact and you can even choose to sand and refinish certain engineered woods down the line if you see the need to do so.

There is no difference in the sound of the floor when walking on it, like most would not think. The price is cheaper than solid hardwood floors, and the installation cost whether you choose to install it yourself or have a paid installation, is also cheaper.

Engineered Wood Flooring Benefits to your Home

Of course, we would never consider one certain floor better than another. Each floor type has specific uses and applications in mind when constructed. So rather than comparing it to others, we will just list the hard facts of engineered wood floors:

  • Engineered WoodDurability – Because of its unique construction, this floor is incredibly durable. The top layers thickness will have a lot to do with the lifespan of your engineered wood, so make sure you shop around for the thickest possible. This will allow you to refinish it a few times throughout its life. A great engineered floor can last 50 years or more if proper care is taken.
  • Great Selection – Because it is in fact a constructed wood, you get many more options when it comes to colors, textures and stains. Unlike natural flooring choices where you basically get what nature gives you.
  • Unbeatable Price – The price is less than what you would pay for other hard surface floors with the exception of laminate. However, laminate is not real wood so that isn’t a fair comparison. This means more money to invest in your home on other decor.
  • Moisture Resistant – This is one of the most incredible benefits, finally you don’t have to worry about bathrooms and kitchens because of the fear of water damage. This is not to say it won’t happen, you just have much more time to respond to spills that could potentially lead to stains.

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