Bliss Carpet 30% Waste Reduction Milestone Achieved!

Firespun-Bliss-CarpetBliss Carpet is always in the headlines for some pretty incredible environmental achievements and yesterday via Facebook they posted an incredible post. As we love our greener companies, it’s great to see that they are still striving to make the flooring industry a more environmentally friendly entity.


So Here Was Bliss Carpet’s Post:


To reach a “landfill-free” status by the end of 2015, we’re announcing a 30% waste reduction across all 22 of our facilities after just 6 months.

“This is Beaulieu’s commitment to being a good environmental neighbor by diverting waste through repurpose, reuse and recycle practices,” said Beth Randolph, Director of Risk Management. “Floor sweeps and other process waste are either reused in production or transferred to someone else who recycles it.”

Beth, a 14-year associate at Beaulieu, and her team regularly promote the effort company-wide and visit with teams tasked with reducing waste at each of our facilities. “We’ve seen some of our plants score as high as 69% in waste reduction,” says Beth. “All our team members see the value in it.”

Fretwork-Bliss-CarpetBeaulieu’s waste reduction program is a “home grown” effort from within the company and is not without a bit of creativity. The distinctive system of receptacles we use at each facility are actually the reuse of containers from retired spinning mills that we had by the thousands.

A little About Bliss Carpet:

Bliss carpet contains many earth inspired collections that are designed to be extremely comfortable and durable. The colors and textures are very subtle, giving you the option to continue your design in your home without worrying about a floor that is just too busy to stand up to your existing colors and decor.

We have a vast selection of Bliss carpets available on our website if you are interested in an environmentally sound flooring company and would like to support them by choosing a green floor for your home.

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