Bamboo Flooring Benefits

Choosing a green floor options is always a plus, that’s why today we will be discussing the benefits of bamboo flooring. Boasting hardwood properties, this grass flooring is incredibly sturdy and quite beautiful to look at.

Bamboo Flooring Benefits

1. Renewable Flooring Factor

This floor is made completely from naturally renewable grass. Because bamboo only takes from 3-5 years to fully mature, it is an excellent replenishable crop that is easy to harvest. Most hardwood flooring species require and incredible maturation time span, some of which can reach to twenty years. This puts bamboo flooring far ahead of the game when it comes to renewability.

Bamboo-Flooring2.  Cleaning and Maintenance are Easy

Simplicity is a key element for some final decisions when making a flooring choice, and bamboo flooring doesn’t disappoint in this regard. Simply sweeping or vacuuming on a regular basis (at the first sign of dust), and thats practically it. You will occasionally need to do a damp cleaning with a mop. There are some excellent bamboo specific products on the market for cleaning, which is what we would recommend, as they contain natural oils and minerals that make your bamboo really pop.

3.  Strength and Durability

Bamboo is known throughout the world as a substantially durable flooring option. Specifically the carbonized bamboo options can be just as strong as red oak. There are also certain manufacturing processes that can make bamboo even more durable by weaving it.

4.  Water Resistance

This benefit is too the point, bamboo blows hardwood out of the water when it comes to water absorption. This means you will worry far less about stains, water damage, and even warping and buckling. But be forewarned that no bamboo is entirely repellent to water, and it is recommended that you clean spills up immediately.

5.  Looks!

Bamboo flooring has an incredibly distinct and recognizable. Very dramatic knots are displaying randomly in the grain against smooth rich golden tones. It is simply stunning. Strips of the bamboo give it a light striped texture as well.

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