5 Ways Carpet Does Flooring Better!

Have you ever thought of where carpeting came from and what it was created for? Long ago it was used as protection from the cold and even represented a certain status level. It could also mean that you were a very wealthy individual. Today carpet is known as a floor covering. In this article we will be discussing the many benefits associated with carpet, giving you a few good reasons to keep it in the running while trying to find the right type of floor covering for you home or business.


5 Ways Carpet Does Flooring Better!

1.  Carpet is an Excellent Insulator

Many people are surprised to find out how well carpet directly contributes to lowering energy bills due to heating and cooling there homes. It performs very well during the winter season especially. Not to mention an incredibly cold day when you are trying to save a bit extra by keeping your heat at a minimum, walking on the floor will not be freezing like hard surface coverings.

2.  Carpet is very Budget Friendly

People are still recovering from the economy, and it has never been a better time to really save some money with flooring. Prices are at an all time low, especially where carpet is concerned. Typically boasting a lower price per square foot than hardwood flooring, carpet is really an economical solution to updating your home. As with most things, you get what you pay for, the quality will match the pricing but with carpet, the pricing on quality is generally less than that of hard surface floors.

3.  Carpets have Noise Dampening Qualities

This is great for condo owners who have neighbors living downstairs. Carpet will trap and absorb sound waves adding an extra buffer to a child’s upstairs bedroom, so play time or music will be far less noticeable for the rest of the family.

4.  Carpets Provide Protection

If you have children then you know what a scraped knee can be like from a fall. Many times we don’t take this into consideration when purchasing hard surface flooring. Even infants benefit from the cushioned surface area when learning to walk.

Have you ever dropped a glass on a hard surface floor? It breaks! Carpet provides a buffer between your subfloor and drop areas, so expect less broken items from dropping in a carpeted area.

5.  Carpet is #1 in Color Choice

When it comes to most hardwoods and laminate floors, the color that you can choose is really, well limited. You can’t really buy a kiwi green in hardwood flooring, well not that I have seen that wasn’t a custom paint job. If you want a true red color for a modern room, you will still have many options to choose from.

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