The Future of Carpet: Lighting, Advertising and Energy

LED-CarpetSome incredible things have come from flooring over the years, but be prepared to be blown away for where the carpet of the future is leading us (literally.) Although many haven’t equating the idea of technology mixed with flooring, some very serious designers, engineers and technology moguls have been brewing up interesting and innovative technologies as of late for what purpose carpet will serve as we advance as a society. Today, we will be focusing on a few of the incredible new takes on carpet, so get excited, it is going to fun!


The Future of Carpet

The idea of LED carpet is really taking off thanks to a merge of minds by Desso and Philips. In november they announced through a press release that they are partnering to create the world’s first truly light transmissive carpets. What better of a combination could you have than global leaders in both the carpet and lighting niche of design and technology.

They are working on providing the ultimate solution to always knowing where to go. For example how many times have you been a little lost in an airport? Or at least had to stop and ask for directions. Now imagine just looking down for your answer and even following arrows illuminating from the floor. This technology is being targeted mainly at public facilities, airports, conference halls, hotels and even offices.


“We know people spend 90% of their time indoors and our vision linked to this is to create innovative flooring solutions that contribute to people’s health and wellbeing. This new solution developed with our partner Philips, meets this need and offers exciting ways to enhance the interaction between the interior space and its users.”

Alexander Collot d’Escury, CEO Desso


LED-CarpetThe benefits associated with LED carpet are great and how they can change our way of doing things:

  • Directions around buildings
  • Safety exits during emergencies
  • Information on exhibits at museums, personal guidance
  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, creating mood lighting in a room, or illuminating areas of caution
  • Lighting for dark environments such as bowling alleys or movies

All of these notions are really the core elements of the need for this technology.


But for a little fun? Video games on your carpet anyone? Human Pong?

Well that’s not just lighting is it, however lighting isn’t the only thing being worked on at the moment either…


Sensory and Energy Creating Flooring

Because technology tends to be ever expanding on single concepts, Designer Laurence Kemball-Cook is leading innovative sensory mechanisms and creating energy in schools, at the same time using Pavegen tiles, a remarkable tile made of rubber that is internally integrated with a pressure sensitive pad that can convert a single foot into 4 watts of electricity.

LED-CarpetImagine the power that you can generate at any public building with a lot of foot traffic. I would love to see Grand Central Station’s electricity producing potential personally.

Going back to the tile, it is not only used for creating energy but also as a way to get traffic data. Each tile has been fitted with a wifi transmitter allowing it to beam exactly the amount of steps taken and where each individual tile was stepped on. That is incredible if you think about it. Forget security cameras, you would know if someone was walking around your home without you there, and they would never figure out how.


So, as you can see, carpet hasn’t even touched its potential yet and I see great things on the horizon for the flooring industries future.


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