Engineered Wood Flooring Care Tips

Engineered Wood FlooringGone are the days of dumping a bucket of water on your wood flooring, mopping it around and letting it dry on its own. As time has progressed we have learned new and more effective ways to keep our flooring tidy without damaging it. Today it is all about engineered wood flooring care, and we are bringing you helpful tips to keep it showroom beautiful.

Engineered Wood Flooring Care Tips

Tip #1 – It is usually recommended that you mop engineered wood flooring with a damp mop. The issue with this is if your floors are really dirty, a damp mop doesn’t really provide a lot of cleaning ammo. For those dirty cleaning sessions, invest in a wood cleaner. This will give you an added boost for those tough spots without resorting to using too much water.

Tip #2 Never mop your engineered wood floors before you sweep. If you do you will just be pushing around dirt, and when the wood is damp it is easier to scratch. Use a vacuum for dusty flooring.

Tip #3 – Spot clean immediately. Unlike laminate which gives you a little time to get it cleaned up before absorbing, wood floors start soaking up the liquid as soon as they hit. Even though engineered wood flooring handles water much better than solid wood floors, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Tip #4 – Plants and Furniture should always have protective coasters. This is especially true for plants as they have to be watered. In regards to furniture, you will never need to worry about scratches when moving it around if you place protectors on the parts where it touches the engineered wood flooring.

Tip #5 – Keep pets well groomed. Grooming is an essential part of any floor care if you have animals. Like humans, animals produce oils in their skin that can easily transfer to your flooring. A clean pet, makes a clean floor. Don’t forget to keep their nails trimmed too!

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