5 Tips to Warm Your Home this Winter

The weather outside really is getting frightful, so it’s time to make the inside delightful. Warming your home up in the winter is more than just being about the temperature. When it gets cold, we subconsciously crave protection. This comes in the form of being surrounded, encased and covered. Aesthetically we seek comfortable surroundings that are soft and cozy. Today we will be offering up tips to keep your home and self warm during the winter months with a few extra touches.


5 Tips to Warm Your Home This Winter

Warm Your HomeTip 1: Keep the Candles BurningĀ 

The ambiance of a home is just as important when it comes to that warming feeling. Perhaps on the most basic of principals we equate fire with heat. Even if a candle doesn’t really put off a ton of temperature, the mood that comes from soft flickering light is a sure way to give you a warm feeling in your heart. This could be why we burn candles in traditions and entertaining.

Candles offer a variety of aromas and textures to a home, and it would serve you well to keep them stock piled through the winter so you always have a few at your disposal for when the mood hits. This makes burning candles a top pick for warming your home and self.

Tip 2: Pile on the Throws

There is really nothing like wrapping up with loved ones on a cold winter day. Let’s face it, during the winter getting out isn’t really the families idea of a good time, with the exception of snow days. So let’s take that into account and make our homes as comfortable as possible for lounging. With that being said the best cure for cold feet are throws and blankets. Throws are both decorative and comfy. The warming potential of throws are incredible and your family will love hanging out in the living room on the weekends while playing games or talking.

The throws are also highly decorative if you shop around, and seasonal throws are really in this year.

WarmWarm Your Homeing HomeTip 3: Coffee and Hot Chocolate

The environment we live in isn’t always what is warming to us. A perfect example is coffee in the morning. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t feel motivated until I’ve had it to wake me up. This is because it is warming and full of caffeine. On the flip side hot chocolate has similar warming properties without the effect of energizing your body, unless you count the sugar high.

Always having these items available and ready for brewing will really inspire your family to think warming thoughts this winter.

Tip 4: Carpet or Area Rugs

I know you have experienced the shock of a cold floor when you have awoken from a comfortable sleep. It is certainly a jarring experience for me at least. Those of us who have beautiful hardwood floors are of course on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to optimal winter flooring options. Unless it is heated from beneath the flooring it simply doesn’t cut it in the warmth department.

Installing carpet in bedrooms is a great way to wake up to warmth from the moment you step out of bed. It is simply delightful compared to hard surface floors. If you don’t really have the funds to do a whole room, pick up some area rugs to warm cold spots in your home.

Warm Your HomeTip 5: Have a Fire Going

While not all of us have fireplaces, many do and there is no better way to warming up a home than utilizing the hearth. My final tip is pretty self explanatory, but you would be surprised at how many people simply ignore a fire place during the winter. While not as easy to get going as a heating unit, you can’t compare the romance and aesthetic that comes with flickering flames.

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