5 Environmental Reasons to Choose Hardwood Floors

Hardwood FloorsI know what your thinking, how are hardwood floors considered environmentally friendly?

Well surprisingly enough, hardwood floors are one of the most green options for your home. This is also true for the earth in a whole. Because this is a renewable resource it is considered to be very earth friendly and today we will be providing other benefits to support this notion. Understanding that the flooring market is very competitive these days, it is really hard to find out what truly is the greenest floor. So check out these benefits and decide for yourself if this is the type of earth friendly floor you are looking for.

5 Environmental Reasons to Choose Hardwood Floors

Reason 1: Better Indoor Air Quality

Surprisingly enough the quality of your home’s air is directly related to your floor. Many believe that carpet causes poor air quality in a home, even though this was perhaps true in the late 80’s and early 90’s, there have been significant improvements on manufacturing processes that allow them to perform well. Hardwood flooring can be easily rendered dust and allergen free with a vacuum, because it has no fibers to cling to. This is great for your home’s quality of air.

Hardwood Floors

Reason 2: Carbon Neutral

Everyone is talking about your carbon foot print now-a-days. This is for good reasoning though. It is used as a means to measure the carbon emissions that either an organic or mechanical being puts off throughout the life of said beings. Hardwood flooring is carbon neutral because it produces the oxygen while growing, and after it is harvested the carbon isn’t released into back into the air, but stored away in the material itself. This gives hardwood floors the upper hand compared to other flooring options as they do not have a neutral outcome.

Reason 3: Water Use Efficiency in Manufacturing

One of the big downfalls some materials have in manufacturing a product are the amounts of water needed during the process. While it maybe less noticeable in the short term, it is important to think of the life of the product. Hardwood floors will last years longer than others. It is just hard to beat nature’s building material. While water may be used to produce other products the same, in the long run and as a whole if more people chose these floors consumption would be lessened due to the shear fact that the hardwood floors will outlast others by years.

Hardwood FloorsReason 4: Hardwood Floors Can Be Burned as Fuel or Recycled

When hardwood is discarded, it can be used as either an alternate source of fuel or it can be recycled to create entirely new materials. This versatility is amazing for the environment.

Reason 5: Long Life

Hardwood floors can last hundreds of years, perhaps even longer under the right circumstances. A simple sanding and refinishing on top of regular care helps to prolong this impressive length of use.

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    Thank you for the good write up. Flooring in commercial and residential buildings can have a variety of problems, from moldy carpets to debonded vinyl tiles to movement in wood flooring. Understanding the causes and solutions of these problems involves understanding the building as a system. What happens beneath and above a floor matters, in ways that aren’t always anticipated or well understood.

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