Upgrading your Pre-Existing Floors

Engineered-FloorsWhen looking for new properties, we are always tempted to find fixer uppers. This saves us a ton of money and is a great investment for families just starting. If you have the time, a fixer upper can become your dream home. Today we will be talking about easy to install and cost effective solutions for new floors that will go over the existing floors easily.

When you thing floor installation, thousands of warnings go off in your head. The time it takes, the expenses you will incur and the downtime in your home are just a few. But with today’s floors, installing doesn’t have to be a costly pain, and in many cases you don’t even need to remove the old floors to fit the new ones, granted that they are level.

Great flooring options that are easy to install over pre-existing floors.

Karndean-FloorsKarndean Loose-Lay Vinyl Tile and Plank – This flooring option is an excellent choice for upgrading an existing floor without having to demolish the old one. Before you begin though, there are 2 points that you really want to explore so that you get the best installation out of it. The first is that the pre-existing floor must be level. This will ensure that the loose-lay will not pop up or have edges. The second is that the pre-existing floors are smooth, no raises or knots that are poking up. These can be sanded down in most cases until smooth.

Once you have your pre-existing floor level and smooth, all you have to do is lay the looselay and cut it to fit around corners and edges. It is really that simple. No adhesives or nailing is required.


Laminate-FloorsFloating Floors – Many floors today can be installed in a floating floor method. In this method the floor is not required to actually bind to the pre-existing floor. Through a locking mechanism on the floating floor, it will attach together without requiring the use of an adhesive. Many Laminate floors and Engineered Hardwood Floors have this technology now.

Installation with these can be a little more intense but are very doable with a little determination and patience. The will need to be cut to fit the edges perfectly and I would recommend the same level and smoothness on the pre-existing floor that I mentioned earlier with the looselay. Unlike the loose-lay however, I wouldn’t recommend putting these in the basement as moisture tends to lurk there.

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