QuickStep Laminate Flooring Product Details

QuickStep laminate flooring is innovative and ahead of the game when it comes to laminate flooring. In a world full of products that are designed to replicate natural material, it can be hard to sort through the garbage be for you get to the gold, and Quick-Step is definitely the gold in this matter. Today we will be going over the product details of this stellar laminate product.

QuickStep Laminate Flooring Product Details

Quickstep Laminate FlooringThere are 5 Technological Innovations by QuickStep that we will be talking about today:

  • Direct Pressure
  • Scratchguard
  • Genuedge
  • Uniclic
  • Hi-Def Color Fusion



Direct Pressure

QuickStep laminate floors offer incredibly advanced production quality that they have streamlined themselves. It is entirely balanced construction making the process and quality completely unique in the laminate flooring market. This is possible because they have come up with a way to evenly distribute the weight, quality and pressure, creating a floor that is incapable of bowing or collapsing in the center of the plank or tile. This is a very common issue with their competitors.

The make up of the product’s layers is just as impressive. Here is a breakdown:

Layer One -Transparent and Wear-Resistant Overlay – this layer is highly resistant to staining, wearing, impact, scratching, burning and most household chemicals.

Laminate Flooring QuickStepLayer Two – Design Layer – Incredibly detailed renditions of real life materials. This is made possible by the many innovative technologies that Quick-Step has invested themselves in, catering to lifelike visuals and realistic textures.

Layer Three – Water Resistant HDF Core Board – Offers a lot more in the strength department than you would find in a normal chipboard or MDF board.

Layer Four – Balancing Layer – Not only is layer three water resistant, but layer for is highly moisture-resistant. It has an under layer that guarantees a seamlessly stable material void of bowing and collapsing in the center.

ScratchGuard Technology

This is what makes QuickStep Laminate Flooring resistant to staining, impact, scratches, burns and household chemicals.


  • The ScratchGuard Advanced Finish Protection makes the flooring resist micro-scratches more than other leading laminate manufacturers. Micro-scratching is caused by common household dirt and dust, overtime these particles will cause your laminate to dull.
  • Superior AC4 Wear Layer Rating is proof that this durable laminate flooring is meant to withstand the test of heavy foot traffic and repeated abrasion.

Quick Step Laminate FloorGenuEdge Technology

GenuEdge is has been created with the sole purpose of mimicking the feel of real wood planks. This feature is the industry’s most realistic edge visual effect, and also the most sound and believable surface design and color rollover available!


Uniclic locking systems provide superior water damage and warping prevention. The Patented technology offers simple installation as well as tight-locking joints for increased protection.

HiDef Color Fusion Technology

HiDef Color Fusion Technology is a proprietary process in which color is fused directly onto an environmentally friendly substrate resulting in a floor with unparalleled clarity, brilliance and depth. Paving the way for a large amount of unique design variants. This concept is deemed high shade variation and is known for creating very few pattern repeats in a single room. Amazingly enough, this technology is very resistant to fading due to sunlight, so it is actually a step above hardwood flooring when it comes to discoloration.

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  1. Mary Scott says:

    I had my whole living room and dining area covered with your product last year.
    I have found no cleaner that can take up the soiled areas. A slight amount of vinegar and lite soap only makes your flooring look smeared and streaked. Wintertime is hard on laminate and I would appreciate you telling me about a product that will make my floors look clean and scuff free. I am at my wits end!

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