Post Halloween Carpet Candy Clean Up!

Candy-CarpetHalloween can be a lot of fun for children and adults alike. Many of us receive trick or treaters and others through spooky soirees, but there is always one unhappy camper when the night is over, Your Carpet! Carpet just isn’t meant for delicious treats and sticky candies. The clean up from a Halloween party can be quite grueling so today we will be offering up some handy tips for cleaning up candy out of your carpet.


Post Halloween Carpet Candy Clean Up


Step 1: Inspect Every Inch of Carpet

Wherever any guests may have been during your candy giving or party, you could find an unwanted guest that got left behind. Look under couches and furniture during your search and don’t forget to peak under area rugs or runners. I’ve had suckers stuck behind my couch before, which is never a pleasant discovery. Once you do your thorough investigation move on to step 2.

Candy-CarpetStep 2: Scraping the Candy out of your Carpet

A lot of sticky candies and gums will require the use of a blunt object, such as a butter knife to remove the bulk of the candy. It is important to remove as much of the bulk as possible before moving on, so make sure to exercise patience in this process of cleaning up your carpet. The thinner you get the foreign matter out of the carpet the better it will dissolve in the upcoming steps.

Step 3 :Sponging the Mess Up

Its time to get a wet cloth or a sponge, soak it in warm water and and wring as much excess out as possible and gently work the rag or sponge inward from the edge of the candy stain to the very center of it. This makes certain that it does not spread and binds in the center of the stain. Repeat this process over and over again until the residue has completely come up. This will work great for soft candies like caramels, gums and chews.

Chocolate-CarpetStep 4: Removing the discoloration in your Carpet

Most candies are dyed to make them more appealing to children, but these bright colors can reek havoc on your carpet. If this happens, take a small amount of distilled white vinegar and apply it to a cloth to where it is just damp. Now, carefully blot your carpet letting the vinegar set for a few minutes on the fiber. Rinse and Repeat until the stain is gone.

Step 5: The Finale

If the stain is still present it may be time to either consult your manufacturer for guidance or seek professional help. Many over the counter treatments really aren’t that safe for removing stains from your carpet and can often times do more damage than good. Your manufacturer can most definitely recommend the right product to use to remove this pesky stain though, so take advantage of their websites and hotlines.


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