Great Home Gym Flooring Options

Home Gym Flooring OptionsSo you have decided to get a jump start on those holiday calories and add a small gym to your home. Whether your lifting weights or working on the treadmill good flooring options will allow you to be comfortable, safe and above all functional in your workout routine. Today, we will be discussing flooring options for a home gym so that you can shed those pounds without aggravation.


Great Home Gym Flooring Options


Home Gym Flooring Options1. Carpet TilesCarpet tiles are an excellent flooring option for a home gym. They are very easy to install and maintain and they are quite comfortable to stand on. Unlike traditional wall to wall carpet, carpet tiles are bit more stable because of the thick backing that comes with the tiles construction. Many of the carpet tiles are very low pile fiber heights, this means that you won’t be working out of shag, but more of a velvety surface.

Carpet tiles can be easily pulled up and switched out if any spills happen, so maintenance is a breeze. Slipping is not really an issue as it will absorb any of the excess moisture on your shoes. It is also textured for extra grip.

2. Rubber Floor Tiles – These are amazing for gym flooring, in fact in most gyms that you pay a membership for they have this type of flooring installed. It is very easy to disinfect and it too installs like a breeze. The most exciting part of it is that it is the most durable option for a home gym. It can take a ton of pressure without denting. Rubber floors spring back to their original shape every time.

The cost of rubber floor tiles isn’t as bad as you would think either. Perhaps mostly because it is a very specific niche of the flooring options. Rubber floor tiles are a great non-slip product as well, however instead of absorbing the excess moisture, they are completely impermeable to water soaking in.

Home Gym Flooring Options3. Textured Luxury Vinyl Tile – LVT makes our final flooring option for home gyms. This is because is is easy to install and easy to clean up. We recommend textured as some LVT floors can be slippery when wet, so you will just have to search around for one that isnt.

I know what your thinking, heavy weights and tiles, what about cracking and breaking?

Well in LVT’s defense, they are far more pliable and do not crack because it is not rigid like a normal tile would be. It actually has a bit of give in the tiles making them very comfortable to walk and bounce around on, and if you do drop a weight, you won’t have any worries. Textured Luxury Vinyl Tile is my favorite of the flooring options given today.

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Home Gym Flooring Options!

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