What are the Best Pet Floor Options?

Pet Floor OptionsIf you already have a dog or cat, then you know the messy situations that they can get into. If you are getting an animal for the first time, then bless your heart because your in for a treat. I know that you’re kind of blinded by your excitement in the first few days of your pets arrival, and then it happens! You slip in something that you really didn’t want to slip on. Today, we will be looking at the best pet floor options available, so that you can enjoy your new pet too.

What Are the Best Pet Floor Options?

When it comes to animals in your home it is very important to have the proper surroundings to keep your pets and your family healthy. Flooring is a large part of a functional and healthy relationship with your pets. So as you can guess I’m about to blast some of the best pet floor options your way!

Flooring Options that Work Well with Pets:

Luxury Vinyl Tile Pet Floor Options

  • Dog owners typically go for LVT because it offers a natural stone and ceramic look without the hard, cold surface. In terms of its pet-friendly features, it’s scratch, wear, water and stain-resistant, yet feels warm and comfortable underfoot. Luxury tile flooring can be laid with or without grout. If using grout, look for a one that’s stain-resistant.

Pet Floor OptionsLaminate Pet Floor Options

  • If you have more than one animal in your home, laminate flooring is an excellent, pet-friendly floor option. It is easy to clean and maintain. It is known for its wear and stain resistance. Laminate flooring can handle the heavy traffic that you and your pets will put on the floor. Laminate can be installed all over you home including moisture strong areas, you bathrooms and kitchens will love it just as much as you!

Sheet Vinyl Pet Floor Options

  • Sheet vinyl flooring is also an amazing choice. In fact it is so animal friendly that veterinarians would recommend it for you and your furry friend more than any other type of flooring. And cleaning up after you puppy has left you a little present laying around is so easy because sheet vinyl doesn’t have any nooks and crevices for “presents” to hide away in. On top of all those great benefits, its hypoallergenic making dander and fur have less of an impact on your sinuses!

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