5 Hardwood Floor FAQs Answered!

Hardwood Floor FaqsTypically when someone is asking about hardwood floors they typically have a lot of the same questions to ask. Ranging from installation, to damage and repair, these questions are important for the first timer. Today, we have put together 5 of the most frequently asked questions so that you can reference the answers should they ever come up with you personally.


5 Hardwood Floor FAQs Answered!


1.  Why should you Go with Hardwood Floors over other choices? 

Answer: Hardwood flooring can offer many distinct advantages over other flooring options. The high points are that they are very durable, fairly resilient and are great with shock absorption. The are good floors for wearing, because they can be refinished unlike there brethren. The add warmth to any environment and increase the overall value of one’s home.

2.  How do you Clean a Hardwood Floor?

Answer:  Sweeping or vacuuming regularly is the main thing people put off, and it is the most important for keeping your hardwood floor clean. The trick is to keep a schedule, twice a week should suffice. When it comes to mopping, only use a wood floor cleaner or a slightly dampened mop. Avoid any excess water on the flooring as it soaks into the wood and causes swelling and discoloration. Also, make sure that if you are using a floor cleaner that it is the right one for your hardwood floor’s finish or you risk the possibility of stripping the finish off.

Hardwood Floor Faqs

3.  If my Hardwood Floor becomes dull, how to I bring back the shine?

Answer: The old answer would be to sand and refinish your floors, but technologies have now given us alternatives ways to restore our floors’ shine. They now how shine restoring chemicals on the market that really do a great job of smoothing and restoring your pre-finished hardwood. Always consult your manufacturer on the best approach to this, typically they will recommend chemicals that will not void the warranty, keeping your hardwood floor covered for the long haul.

4.  What is a Great way to Stop my Hardwood Floor from getting a lot of Scratches?

Answer:  Simply stated, it is all about being careful and using precautionary measures. Remove shoes when you come in, especially high heels as they will definitely destroy your hardwood floor. Use felt pads on heavy furniture and decor legs, place mats at the entryways and use area rugs in high traffic areas. The final thing is for pet owners, always keep your animals well groomed by trimming their nails.

5.  How do I get a Stain out of my Hardwood Floor?

Answer: Because hardwood doesn’t really stain that often, this can be a hard answer to find on the net. But typically depending on the type of stain, you will sand the board and refinish it, or replace it all together given the stain has deeply penetrated the wood.


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