Top DIY Flooring Installation Options!

DIY Flooring InstallationAre you a weekend renovator? Many of us are, but sometimes we can bite off a little more than we can chew for the weekend. DIY flooring installation can be tricky to pull of if you don’t choose the right type of flooring to work with. You could find yourself taking an unexpected sabbatical from life for more than you thought you would if you aren’t careful. Today, we will be going over some of the best DIY flooring installation options, that are perfect for a weekend project.


Quick and Easy DIY Flooring Installation Options


Carpet Tiles – Carpet tiles are an incredibly easy project to tackle for a weekend. DIY installation for carpet tiles is simply one of the easiest processes you can go through to update a floor in your home. You can replace one if the need arises without destroying your entire floor. You also have no limitations to the pattern and design of a carpet tile, they come in an extensive array of colors and styles with several different comfort levels depending on the quality of carpet square you decide to go with.


DIY Flooring InstallationLoose-Lay Luxury Vinyl Tile –  Loose-lay vinyl is somewhat of a new concept. Karndean has made it very popular as of late, offering excellent color, pattern and texture options. And the best thing about it? DIY flooring installation is as simple and laying it down. No glue, nails or even a locking mechanic required. You just need a perfectly flat surface to work with and you are good to go. This won’t even take the whole weekend! So, do it early Saturday and take a Sunday to enjoy y our DIY flooring installation.


Laminate Flooring – While this isn’t the easiest, it is certainly possible to take a long weekend to tackle this type of DIY flooring installation. You will be required to do a little more cutting since it is a harder material to work with. However, laminate is great because you can install it practically anywhere and it will last. Bedrooms, basements, bathrooms and kitchens are all the same in laminate flooring’s eyes. For a no fuss after its finished DIY flooring installation, laminate is a winner.

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