Three Exotic Hardwood Options You will Love

Choosing between domestic and exotic hardwood floors really isn’t that difficult. It really depends on the personality that you are resonating toward in what your home will look like. But we know that when speaking of hardwood flooring we typically focus on the domestic types because they are more relevant to the area of the world we live in. Today, we will give you a glance into the world of exotic hardwood flooring, for a more broad perspective of what is available.

Three Exotic Hardwood Options You will Love!


Tigerwood – This incredible hardwood species is praised for its dark, bold stripes. The stripes range in color from dark orange to black, and literally resemble the beautiful animal that this wood shares its name with. This exotic hardwood has an exceptionally fine grain pattern, given it an incredibly smooth finished look.

Tigerwood has many color variations but mainly range from golden tan to dark orange, black and brown.

When referring to hardness, this is a very durable exotic hardwood option for the home with a rating of 2160 on the Janka Hardness Test.

Like most hardwoods, it is very sensitive to natural light and will darken/deepen over time when exposed to a lot of sunlight. This is a blessing to most as the richness of Tigerwood’s color is really the bread and butter of the species. ┬áThe heartwood of the this exotic hardwood is actually resistant to some insects and all termites.


Brazilian Cherry – This is one of the most commonly talked about exotic hardwoods in the United States. We fell in love with it in the 90’s and it continues to fascinate us to this day. Brazilian Cherry is readily available at more flooring retail chains and it makes for a beautiful floor.

The grain pattern is made up of very thin pronounced lines that flow in long patterns. This makes it especially easily to install as far as getting pattern matches.

On the Janka Hardness Test it ranks an incredible 2350 with makes it a highly durable flooring option.

By far out of all of the benefits of this most astonishing floor, my favorite is the coloration, which ranges from very light, almost white yellow to pinkish or dark reds and browns. When harvested and still in its natural state it exceptionally porous allowing for a variety of colors to be absorbed into it.


Brazilian Teak – This is one exotic hardwood that you may not have heard much about, but it is one of the most durable known coming in with a whopping Janka Rating of 3540!

The unique grain pattern is course and gives off the illusion of fine hairs waving throughout the planks. Upon closer inspection, you will see that the wood is actually speckled all over. The specked colors are made up of golds, bronzes, reds, dark browns, blacks and whites.

This incredible versatility of colors is what makes Brazilian Teak and incredibly versatile and unique exotic hardwood option that can compliment just about any color scheme or aesthetic.

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