Mohawk SmartStrand Silk Carpet: Stylish, Comfortable and Luxurious

With so many options to choose from when finding the right carpet for your home and family’s lifestyle on the market, it is only fair to give credit where it is due. And in light of that, today we will be discussing Mohawk SmartStrand Silk Carpet with Dupont TM  Sorona®. So before you make your next big flooring decision, read through this informative presentation of just what Mohawk SmartStrand® Silk Carpet can do for you.


Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet is luxuriously soft, which is in my opinion one of the best advantages of any carpet on the market today. Many times when strength and durability are thrown into the mix of things, comfort is often put on the side line. This is by no means true, with this amazing carpet. Boasting incredible features that you would expect out of a high-end luxury carpet, it comes with benefits that you wouldn’t imagine to even be true, with the comfortability that we all desire.


Mohawk SmartStrand Silk Carpet with Dupont TM  Sorona® Features:

  • Because it is not topically applied, Silk has built-in lifetime stain and soil resistance.
  • Exceptional durability give you a sense of satisfaction from the day you have it installed.
  • Water is the only median you will have to go through when an inevitable spill happens, keeping your family safe from any harsh chemicals that other carpets may require when cleaning.
  • The added protection of DuPont Sorona means your carpet will never wear or wash off because it is actually not just added to the carpet fiber topically, it is protected through to the core of the fiber.


So, how do you keep SmartStrand carpet clean?

Much like most carpets, Mohawk SmartStrand Silk Carpet with Dupont TM  Sorona® requires simple care and vacuuming, so that it can stay as beautiful as the day you got it. Beyond the basics, you will only need water to clean up smudges, spill and accidents. And if you undergo a massive stain that water just won’t cut, by simply adding a small amount of mild detergent you can practically remove any type of soil that will generally ruin other carpet options. So grease, oil, nail polish or even animal related accidents are no match for this flooring marvel!


How is Mohawk SmartStrand Silk Carpet with Dupont TM  Sorona® so resistant to Soil and Staining?

Simply stated, it is protected to the core. Many other carpets claim to be soil and stain resistaint, but they tend to leave a big part of that out of there advertisements. This is the fact that most carpets have topically applied protection. This is the major difference in Silk and Silk wannabes, The unique stain and soil protection is literally built-in to the fiber itself. This means it will never wash or wear off matter what amount of traffic comes across it.


How is Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet with Dupont TM  Sorona® so soft compared to other products?

It’s all about the fiber! Advanced technologies and years of study have given Silk carpet a distinct advantage over its competitors in the comfortability realm. Finding a healthy balance of benefits has been one of the flooring industries major set backs at times. But Silk has hit the nail on the head by melding the two most sought after carpet advantages into the perfect package. Why choose between style, comfort and durability when you can have them all in Mohawk SmartStrand® Silk Carpet with Dupont TM  Sorona®.


Our Final Thoughts on Mohawk SmartStrand Silk Carpet with Dupont TM Sorona®

Astonishingly Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet with Dupont TM  Sorona® is rated #1 in consumer satisfaction due to the fact that 98% of consumers who have had it installed would recommend it to someone else. Also it is important to note that the warranty offered by Mohawk is a stellar example of what a carpet warranty should be.


Mohawk Silk Carpet with Dupont TM  Sorona® Lifetime Warranties:

  • Lifetime Stain Resistance Warranty
  • Lifetime Soil Resistance
  • Lifetime Pet Warranty
  • Lifetime Anti-Static
  • 25-Year Fade Resistance
  • 25-Year Abrasive Wear
  • 25-Year Texture Retention
  • 25-year Manufacturing Defects


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