Luxury Vinyl Tile Cleaning 101

Luxury Vinyl TileLuxury vinyl tile is now is currently one of the top competitors in the flooring industry with carpet tiles also proving popular. The ease of installation and care are among the many benefits that this amazing floor option has to offer. It is hard to differentiate it from real ceramic or stone tile flooring anymore, thanks to modern design and state of the art manufacturing technologies. Today, we will be discussing how to care for your luxury vinyl tile, so that you can keep it as beautiful as the day you had it fitted.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Cleaning 101

Basic LVT Care Tips: 

Luxury Vinyl TileFirst off don’t let your new floor scare you, cleaning LVT is much like cleaning any other floor. Dirt and debris will build up, to help keep the dust at a minimum:

  • Place door mats on both inside and outside entrances to your home.
  • In high traffic areas such as living rooms and hallways, use area rugs.
  • Make it a habit to remove shoes after coming inside the home.
  • Keep pets brushed and hygienically maintained.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Care and Maintenance:

Starting off, you know the basic elements which is to sweep and mop your flooring. This is all fine and dandy for most but when sweeping it is important to use a soft bristled broom. If you are voiding the broom and going with a vacuum cleaner, make sure that the beater bar has either been raised and shut off or removed entirely. A beater bar can damage hard surface flooring very easily.

Luxury Vinyl TileWhen it comes to mopping you should never pour water directly onto your luxury vinyl tile. Investing in a cleaning product specifically engineered for Luxury Vinyl Tile would behoove you, as it will certainly keep your floor healthy and well maintained. Unfortunately, many people don’t always heed to this advice and wind up using the wrong chemical on their floor. This often leads to a voided warranty.

Spot cleaning as soon as spills happen is a very important part of preserving any type of flooring. So make sure to stay on top of this.

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