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As with any remodeling job, there is a significant amount of downtime for construction and aesthetic changes. But your flooring doesn’t have to take days to do anymore. Thanks to Karndean Flooring, waiting days for your floor to be installed is a thing of the past. Not only do you get a stellar commercial grade flooring that looks incredible, but you also don’t have to shut down for a day to install it!


A Few Benefits of Karndean Loose-Lay Tile and Planks for Specific Business Environments

Karndean Flooring In a Retail Business

    • It doesn’t matter if you have a small boutique or a huge superstore, your design flexibility in a retail environment is outstanding! So flexible that you can actually create separate zones in one large space by utilizing borders around specific areas and displays. With so many shapes and sizes available you will literally have hundreds of unique options to choose from, allowing you to play of your specific branding.
    • Fast and Easy installation brings your sales disruption to a minimum. Installation is actually so fast that you can do it during closing hours. And if you have a 24/7 retail operation, there is no need to worry. The advantage of plank and tile over traditional sheet or roll vinyl really shows it’s worth when you can install a section at a time, allowing you to remain open during the process of installation.
    • Durability is a must in a retail environment. Karndean flooring provides a comprehensive guarantee against manufacturing faults and is designed to withstand the immense foot traffic that your storefront will receive on a daily basis. It will not split, crack or develop unsightly marks.


Karndean Flooring in a Hospitality Setting

    • Hospitality needs to focus on intriguing design to give your clients the will to want to pay for the luxury offered. It doesn’t matter if you have a hotel, bar, restaurant or leisure facility, The reproduction of natural flooring materials such as timber and stone will keep your customers coming back for more.
    • No one wants to spend the night maintaining and cleaning the flooring after a long day at work, especially if your hospitality industry require a massive kitchen or dining overhaul when the day is done. Karndean Loose-Lay tile and plank flooring makes it much easier on you when it comes to the lengthly buffing and polishing. A simple sweep and mop will do the trick!


Karndean Flooring in a Health Care and Private Practices


    • Karndean loose-lay flooring is incredibly hygienic compared to its traditional counterparts. From resisting spills to avoiding dust and mites, Karndean’s non porous floor tiles and wood planks contribute to cleaner, healthier environments from the day they’re installed. Our wide range of low maintenance designs all carry a low volatile organic compound rating.


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